TOYO has been engaged in pipeline construction projects around the world for oil and gas to transport the energy necessary for the growth in energy demands in response to economic development.

Pipeline Projects


TOYO has extensive pipeline project experience of design, procurement and construction for oil and gas transportation in India, Middle East, CIS countries and South America The transported oil and gas as energy sources are necessary for industrial activities and public purpose. We have successfully completed these projects within budget and project schedule. Currently, projects are being undertaken in Brazil.


TOYO implements not only pipelines work, but also design and construction management for pipeline and its related facilities, including compressor, metering and pump stations, storage terminals and SCADA for operation control and communication of the entire long-distance pipeline. The largest pipeline diameter we have handled is 40 inches and the total pipeline distance laid extends to approximately 7,000 km. Our record of achievement concerning pipeline projects that utilize our project implementation and management capabilities, backed up by many years of experience in plant construction, has earned the trust of many clients.

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