LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)


In the field of LNG, as an environmentally friendly solution, TOYO offers a wide range of services that rely on the engineering expertise we have developed. TOYO was awarded a contract to design and construct the Sakhalin Ⅱ LNG liquefaction plant together with Chiyoda Corporation in 2003, and the facility has commerced full-scale operations. In India, we have received an order for the LNG receiving terminal for Petronet LNG Ltd. in 2000 and 2006. We are also undertaking a project to build a plant for Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) to extract and separate ethane and LPG from 5,000,000 MTPA of LNG in the adjacent site. Construction is underway for these plants. The extraction plant has adopted our unique COREFLUX™ process.


Integrating the LNG and petrochemical business using the COREFLUX process

Employing the super low-temperature technologies accumulated in the areas of gas separation and ethylene projects, TOYO has developed a process for separating and extracting ethane and LPG from LNG. As the prices of crude oil, naphtha and other petrochemical products have surged over recent years, the ethane and LPG that are contained in LNG have attracted attention as alternative feedstock for the petrochemical industry. At the COREFLUX plant for ONGC of India being constructed, 540,000 tons of ethane and 440,000 tons of LPG are extracted effectively each year from 5,000,000 MTPA of LNG, which are expected as the feed for a new petrochemical complex in the western region of India.

Ethane and LPG separation

※COREFLUX is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.

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