Micro-GTL Development


The technology, which converts natural gas resources to oil resources, is called Gas to Liquids(GTL). In order to cope with increasing global energy demand and global warming concerns, the role of GTL is important. Though GTL technology itself is not a new technology, it was not economically feasible unless its scale is large enough. There was no GTL technology which can be economically applicable to small to medium volume of gas resources.

Cover shot of FPSO (provided by MODEC)

From November 2007, TOYO stared the challenge of commercializing the "Micro-GTL" technology which is applicable even for small scale gas reserves, together with Velocys Inc., a technical development venture company based in the United States, who has led the world in the development of micro-process technologies, and with Mitsui Ocean Development & Engineering Co., Ltd.(MODEC), with whom TOYO has collaborated in the area of FPSO.

"Micro-GTL", converting gas resources to transportable liquids, enables to develop and utilize the stranded gas resources, which is difficult to be developed and far from the market. Moreover, by installing "Micro-GTL" on FPSO, which develop offshore energy resources, it is possible to reduce associated gas flaring which is to be restricted from the global warming concerns and to increase oil production by converting off-shore gas resources to liquids.


One of the technological features of "Micro-GTL" is the use of Microchannel Reactor, which Velocys is currently developing in the reforming reaction of natural gas and Fischer-Tropsch(FT) reactions. By having the exothermic reaction and endothermic reaction proceed at the same time in the adjacent repeating microchannels, heat transfer between the two is promoted, thereby dramatically accelerating the catalytic reactions. As a result, the size and foot-print of reactors and GTL plant can be reduced significantly. This enables the economics of GTL technology even at the small scale.

Synthetic Fuel Process

Synthetic Fuel Process

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