Structural Vibration Analysis on Rotating Machinery


Rotating machineries such as compressors, motors, and pumps could suffer from severe vibration in a structural resonant mode excited by harmonic loading due to imbalance of rotor or fluctuation of fluid dynamic force, which may cause mechanical damage.
Machinery manufacturer is responsible to carry out structural vibration analysis in order to investigate and mitigate the risk of such resonance problems. However, under special circumstances, it is occasionally needed for TOYO to also carry out such analysis in order to ensure design soundness or in order to investigate counter-measures against vibration problems.

Example of Application of Structural Vibration Analysis on Rotating Machines

Unexpected vibration was observed in a large compressor drive motor during the commissioning which disturbed plant start-up. This problem happened even though design integrity of each machine had been confirmed by the shop test.
From the field vibration measurement data, structural resonance vibration was suspected as one of the most probable root causes. Structural vibration analysis was therefore carried out and identified the vibration was likely related to structural resonance. Based on the analysis results, motor base frame was strengthened, which reduced the vibration to acceptable level.
TOYO utilizes such vibration analysis technologies to ensure flawless engineering executions and swift field trouble shootings.

Fig.1 Finite Element Model for Vibration Analysis of Motor

Fig.1 Finite Element Model for Vibration Analysis of Motor