Safety Verification of Facilities for Earthquake


Codes & regulations for earthquake resistant design are revised very often, taking into consideration the lessons learned from many experiences of recent large scale earthquakes. Existing facilities are originally designed by the practice at the time, then safety verification with the latest design should be required.TOYO, based on the latest technology for seismic design and knowledge from many experiences of chemical & petrochemical plant engineering, makes the reliable verification and suggests most effective and economical reinforcement plan.

Features of Service

  • TOYO verifies existing facilities and proposes several effective plans with degree of improvement, cost and schedule.
  • TOYO offers not only strength assessment of equipment, piping, structure, and foundations but also comprehensive verification for total plant safety considering instrument system, backup system, etc.
  • In Japan, TOYO knows technical background of seismic design code and detailed methods of design through joining seismic committee of the government.

Services Provided by TOYO

1. Towers & Vessels

Design margin of sections/parts where seismic load is dominant is different from that of other parts where other load such as internal pressure is dominant. TOYO makes the reinforcement plan by priority of the sections/parts. For example, shell of the tower is pressure part and has much safety margin for the seismic load than non-pressure parts such as skirt, baseplate, etc.and the priority of reinforcement for non-pressure parts should be higher.

2. Piping

The recent design technology requires forced displacement design,though previous design considers only forces from the seismic acceleration. At forced displacement design of piping, combination of the movement of equipment, structure, foundation, & ground and piping support condition should be comprehensively assessed. This requires wide and detailed experience and knowledge for the plant design. TOYO offers effective piping modification.
Many pipings exist in plant facilities. In addition to detailed analysis,TOYO offers simplified and effective line check by visual method.

3. Supporting Structure & Foundatio

Recent technology requires the ground liquefaction design for large scale earthquake or that of near to source. Toyo analyzes the ground liquefaction effect for the structure & foundations and propose appropriate evaluation and effective reinforcement plan taking into consideration plant characteristics and newest structural engineering technology.

Example of Safety Verification of Tower for Earthquake

Client's Requirement

The existing tower designed by static design is required to be verified by dynamic design newly specified in high pressure gas control law (HPGCL) of Japan.

Example of Services

Benefits to Client

Two reinforcement plans are proposed with different level response spectrum. The difference of the spectrum comes from seismic probability. Client can evaluate the degree of safety according to the new methods.