Earthquake-Resistant Design Authorized by Japanese Code


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) developed a earthquake-resistant design software (SEISMIT) for pressure vessels and their supporting structures which shall be governed by the High pressure Gas Control Law(HPGCL).
TOYO has a license of SEISMIT and registered as authorized designer with SEISMIT from METI. TOYO helps you from determining design condition to getting approval from METI using SEISMIT.


  • TOYO maintains high quality management for earthquake-resistant design of pressure vessel, and structure. TOYO gets authorized designer with SEISMIT for pressure vessel and structure.
  • TOYO has many design experience with SEISMIT and makes most appropriate analysis model. Even if your initial plan does not meet HPGCL requirements, TOYO will propose effective and economical alternate plan to fulfill the requirement.
  • SEISMIT is developed for check of HPGCL requirements, therefore result directly shows whether the design meet the requirements or not. You can get approval from METI in short time.

Services Provided by TOYO

1. Design Condition

TOYO will determine design conditions to meet not only HPGCL requirements for earthquake but also many design parameters of pressure vessel and structure; such as other design condition of vessel, structure supporting condition, foundation condition, attached piping condition, and layout restriction.

2. Modeling

TOYO will make analysis model considering response of pressure vessels/structures and plan how the vessel shell, structure, foundation, and other supporting members resist earthquake with. Toyo will find out weakest point of the system and make analysis model to get information/evaluation of the weakest points clearly.

3. Analysis

TOYO has enough resources for SEISMIT and maintains them. Verification procedure for input/output is established as standard, which assures the analysis quality.

4. Design Review

TOYO knows technical background of seismic design code and detailed method of SEISMIT through the joining of the committee of METI from establishing code requirements to software development.

5. Approval of METI

SEISMIT input and output results cover full data required by METI. In getting approval from METI, additional documents are only the drawings of the pressure vessel and the structure.

Examples of Tower and Air Cooler with Mode Shape