Community Noise Reductions from Existing Facilities


As community is urbanized noise from the existing facilities becomes one of main concerns in neighboring residential area, as being urbanized. Systematic noise reduction study is required to reduce community noise effectively, as various kind of noise sources are installed in the facilities.
TOYO provides services, identifying major noise sources contributed to neighboring residential area and cost-effective noise reductions, based on Toyo's extensive noise control experience in the industrial facilities.


  • Absorbing material,Partition, Screen, etc. for Building
  • Not only equipment proper but also connected piping, supporting device, structure, are considered as noise sources.
  • Noise levels at the boundary are precisely predicted, based on intensive study of noise reduction plan
  • Outdoor noise propagation is simulated by appropriate modeling techniques.


1. Site noise survey (to grasp existing noise)

Noise maps from inside the facilities to neighboring residential area are developed, using measured noise levels in order to clarify distribution of existing noise levels.

2. Outdoor noise propagation simulation (to identify noise source)

Noise and its contribution order at the boundary are accurately predicted, using TOYO developing program "SOPRA", based on the authorized standards and verified by comparison with actual noise measurements.

  • The excess attenuation due to air absorption, barriers, plant facilities, reflection on the ground plane, and meteorological effects such as wind and temperature gradients are considered.
  • Point, line, plane, cylinder and cuboid noise models are used to simulate actual noise sources.
  • Propagation paths such as direct, diffract and reflected ones are considered to simulate outdoor noise propagation in neighboring residential area.

3. Noise Reduction Planning (to reduce community noise)

  • ENoise reduction methods are also considered from the viewpoint of safety operation, safety and maintenance.

Extensive Experiences

  • Experience of noise reduction for existing facilities of various kind of industrial fields, including new facilities.
  • Experience of development of contour map from facilities to community, based on actual noise measurement.

Example of Community Noise Reductions from Existing Facilities

The noise level in community is predicted where the recommended noise reduction methods are provided for major noise sources.

Noise contributed order at the specific point in the residential areas

Benefits to Client

  • Noise levels in the residential areas were reduced to satisfactory levels, after noise reduction methods are provided for major noise sources.
  • Major noise sources for the residential areas can be clearly selected, based on the calculated contribution order of noise sources to the residential areas.
  • Noise levels in the residential areas can be predicted with noise reduction methods in the planning stage.