TOYO's Social Contribution Activities

Since the awarding of the contract to construct a fertilizer plant in India in 1963 shortly after we were established, TOYO has engaged in numerous overseas projects. As such, we have maintained deep ties with overseas businesses and have implemented various support activities.

Technical improvement of local technical engineers

In some of the projects, we have established local vocational training centers while implementing projects for training local engineers with their skills. Professionals such as welders, electricians, plumbers and refrigeration/heat-retention engineers are trained for several months to improve their technical level.

Consideration for the neighborhood

We fully explain about the project to people living near the site before starting construction. During the construction period, we give consideration to the environment and to safety by spraying water to keep down the dust and installing safety protective fences. As the traffic volume increases temporarily due to the number of delivery vehicles during this operation, we visit schools in the neighborhood and offer traffic safety courses and support for education.

Aid to disaster-stricken areas

In recent years there has been a number of natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Bam in Iran, the earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Aceh in Indonesia and the earthquake in Sichuan in China. TOYO has provided aid in the form of food and additional support through related institutions and local branches of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Seminars for technical transfer

In response to requests from other countries, TOYO has offered seminars related to project management and environmental technologies and other subject areas. Cooperating mainly with the business courses at the Japan Center of JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency), we offer three-week technical training courses to approximately 50 trainees from private enterprises in the requesting countries. These courses have been offered in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mozambique and other countries.

Accepting trainees

We have accepted trainees in various areas in response to requests from governments and public institutions of other countries. The content of the training varies according to the requests. There are long-term courses including on the job training that last for two years and short-term intensive courses of about two weeks. We have accepted trainees from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Venezuela and other countries.

From 2005, TOYO accepted more than 340 trainees from Iraq to support reconstruction after the war. Trainees were from a diverse range of organizations, such as the Iraqi Petroleum Ministry, oil refining companies, gas distributors, petroleum distributors, engineering companies and many others. All attended the courses with dedication and enthusiasm.


In view of the industrial development and employment stability in each country, we have also considered the localization of industries. Starting with Toyo-India in 1978, we have since established Toyo-Thai, Toyo-Korea, Toyo-China and Toyo-Malaysia and employed local engineers and transferred plant engineering technologies. The overseas affiliates have now increased to ten, including those established in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Italy and Indonesia in addition to the above. These affiliates not only conduct businesses in the respective area, but have also grown to conduct businesses in other countries.

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