Contribution to regional communities in Japan

Regional activities near the head office

TOYO is headquartered in Narashino City in Chiba Prefecture, and our head office is located across from Shin-Narashino Station on the JR Keiyo Line. As a core member of the Chamber of Commerce in Shin-Narashino Station area, we conduct activities to improve the environment in the areas around the station. Our particular activities include cleaning of the areas in front of the station, along with our labor union and managers' association. Numerous employees participate in this activity to clean up the streets from around the head office to Shin-Narashino station.

In 2007, we completed Akanehama Hall on land adjacent to the head office, this is a multi-purpose building capable of accommodating 200 attendees. The hall is available to people living in the community for cultural activities. It has been used by a chorus group formed by the residents in the region, for Japanese drum practice, meetings of the Yatsu wetland study group and other cultural activities. We also donated a bulletin board for posting photographs and news to an elementary school in our neighborhood.

Support for the employment of persons with disabilities

While both the civic and government sectors work to support employment of persons with disabilities so as to promote their participation in society, TOYO has also provided measures to support their employment. In 1988, TOYO established a group company, Chiba Data Center Corporation, as a place of employment for persons with severe disabilities who possess excellent skills. Chiba Data Center Corporation has offered technologies and services related to the digitization of information, support for materials to be published, website development, system development and suchlike.

Dispatching of instructors to project management courses

Conventionally, the project management technologies developed mainly in relation to the plant engineering industry. In recent years, information and telecommunication and other industries started utilizing the project management technologies. With increased interest in the technologies, TOYO has been requested more frequently to dispatch an instructor to a project management course organized by educational institutions. Currently, our lecturers are being dispatched to Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Chiba Institute of Technologies and others.

Accepting interns

Today, many universities offer internship programs to students. The programs enable students to experience works at corporations for a certain period of time while they attend the university. TOYO has also accepted students not only of Japan but also from abroad, as well as foreign students studying in Japan. In this way, we offer opportunities to the students to gain social experience.

Also, we are supporting overseas internship program for students of National Colleges of Technology, Japan. We will continue support in providing international-minded personnel by exposing them to different cultures through this internship program.

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