Management Message

Contribution to Clients and Realization of a Sustainable Global Community

We, TOYO, having set our mission as “Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community,” aim to realize a global society that is sustainable, contributing to our clients by conserving the environment and harmonizing with human evolution. To accomplish this during the process of performing engineering services, we consider it our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to fulfill provisions regarding quality and HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment).

In particular, we place the highest priority on safety. In the process of providing business solutions to our valued clients, we take the utmost care to prevent the loss of valuable human life. We strive to ensure awareness in every member of the organization that respect for human life takes precedence over any amount of effort, time and expenditure during business operations. We firmly believe that safety is not just relevant to construction site staff, but should be a foundation for every member of the organization.

While providing specialized services, TOYO is committed to energy saving and natural resources conservation designs. In addition, during construction work, we follow practices that take account of the reduction of environmental impact such as harmlessness, reduction and recycle of waste, and prevention of pollution.

In order to maximize the capability of our overseas group companies and simultaneously integrate our global operations as we move towards the creation of the next generation of the engineering business, we will continue to challenge new frontiers. Thus, we aim to become the most trusted“ Global Leading Engineering Partner” for our clients by offering know-how and providing solutions to our client’s needs.

November 2018
Haruo Nagamatsu
President and Chief Executive Officer