Corporate Governance

We recognize it important to assure the transparency and soundness of corporate operation to the stockholders and the society as well, and endeavor to establish and operate properly the fair corporate governance and disclosure structure covering corporate governance, internal controls, compliance, and risk management integrally.

We set up the Basic Policies on Financial Reporting to regulate the internal controls relation to financial reporting in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Our mission is to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to stakeholders including shareholders and clients through operating worldwide engineering and construction business in the field of energy, oil, petrochemicals, chemicals and infrastructural plants and facilities. For ensuring the transparency and soundness of corporate operation, our commitments are as follows;

  • To develop and operate fair management system;
  • To timely disclose corporate information for achieving accountability to stakeholders;
  • To prevent unfair transaction such as insider trading;
  • To respect for minority shareholders’ interest in management decision making;
  • To improve internal control system including compliances and risk management system as the basis of corporate governance; and
  • To enhance the effectiveness of management control and monitoring.

Corporate Governance Structure

Our organizational structure is composed from Shareholders Meeting, Board of Directors, and Board of Corporate Auditors and also appointing Accounting Auditors (CPA).

Board of Directors, includes an outside directors, discusses and resolves all importance mattes on management and business operation. Under the decision of Board of Directors, Representative Directors, Executive Directors, and Executive officers, appointed by Board of Directors, execute business operation. For speedy and accurate decision making, we establish Executive Committee including Compliance Committee, Project Risk Management Committee and Group Operating Committee.

Corporate Auditors includes outside corporate auditors, audit execution of duties by directors in accordance with laws and the Articles of Incorporations. Accounting Auditors mainly audit financial statements and report their audit results to Board of Directors and Board of Corporate Auditors.

Corporate Governance Structure (As of May 2015)

Principles of Internal Control System

Our Board of Directors resolved principles of internal control system in accordance with Companies Law of Japan. Under the principles of the internal control system, we strive to improve the system and practices in line with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.