We uphold a corporate policy of compliance with laws and regulations of the countries of business operation as well as international norms with the highest standards of business and professional ethics.

We enhance corporate moral values and sincerity by complying with legal imperatives, adhering to corporate ethics, and acting in line with our corporate philosophy for the purpose of ensuring the sustainable development of our corporation.

In order to ensure compliance, each of our corporate members swears and signs the Code of Conduct of Toyo Engineering Corporation based on the Core Principles for the Establishment of the Code of Conduct, and has committed to act in a responsible way in conformance to social names in the course of daily business activities.

Compliance Hotline

■TOYO’s Consultation & Reporting Counters

  • General Manager of Compliance Department
  • General Manager of Human Capital Development Department
    (For harassment matter)

■External Counter of Consultation & Reporting Okamura Law Office (TOYO’s Advisory Law Office)
Mr.Tetsuro Kitao :
Ms.Takako Miyoshi :
10th floor 1005 Marunouchi Mitsui Building Marunouchi 2-2-2, Chiyodaku, 100-0005 Tokyo

* For consultation and report concerning compliance, you may contact with either real name or anonymous. In case of contact with your real name, the name or other information that may identify the reporter shall be strictly kept confidential.