TOYO awarded to provide Urea technology and related services for Chemical Fertilizer Complex in Trinidad & TobagoSep. 4, 2006

Toyo Engineering Corporation ("TOYO") was awarded an engineering contract from MAN Ferrostaal AG ("MFS") for the US$1.2 Billion Chemical Fertilizer Complex planned by Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited ("MHTL"). This project is to construct a chemical fertilizer complex to produce Urea Ammonium Nitrate and Melamine, at Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Trinidad and Tobago. This complex is composed by Ammonia unit(1,850 MTPD), Urea unit (2,100MTPD), Nitric Acid unit (1,520 MTPD), Ammonium Nitrate unit (1,930 MTPD), Urea Ammonium Nitrate unit (UAN) (4,300 MTPD), Melamine unit (180MTPD) and Utility & Offsite unit. TOYO will license own urea technology and provide basic and detailed engineering service for Urea plant and Utility and Offsite facilities and integration activities of the overall complex.

The urea plant will employ ACES21™ technology developed by TOYO together with PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja (PUSRI) of Indonesia. ACES21™ supports clients in achieving lower cost urea production by simplifying equipment configuration and significantly lowering energy consumption. This technological advantage and TOYO's capability backed up by successful completion of projects for Sichuan Chemical Works in China, and P.T. Pupuk Kujang in Indonesia, which adopted same technology, together with TOYO's experience and capability in managing large-scale industrial projects, finally resulted in TOYO's award for this project.

MFS will act as the general contractor for this project, and TOYO is an engineering subcontractor to MFS providing work and services as stated above. This project is TOYO's second project in alliance with MFS, following the previous methanol project in Oman. Future projects and continuing collaboration among MHTL, MFS and TOYO are expected.

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