TEC's "e-GlobalPS" Internet-based Procurement Service Starts Commercial Operation, B2B2B Electronic Commerce Site for General MaterialsMay 15, 2001

As of May 1 this year, Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC, President Toshihiko Hirose) commenced full-scale commercial operation of its "e-GlobalPS", an Internet-based procurement service on the EPSource.com site, the first engineering ASP (Application Service Provider) site in Japan.

The "e-Global PS" procurement service is an electronic commerce site run by TEC and it provides B2B2B services mainly handling general materials for construction, operation and maintenance of production facilities and so on. It started test operation on the EPSource.com site from March this year. Commercial operations commenced with electrical products, mainly general industrial items such as cables, lighting equipment, switches and plugs, and it is planned to progressively increase this to include piping materials and instrumentation equipment. The development of overseas clients is being undertaken in coordination with its overseas sales partners.

Procurement operations for equipment and materials used in plants are closely connected to design work. Thanks to its many years of experience as an EPC contractor, TEC has extensive databases covering a wide spectrum of suppliers of general materials and products featuring outstanding technology and quality in many countries of the world. Through cooperation with these suppliers, TEC is able to offer high quality products at stable attractive prices.

In April 2000, TEC formed the Plant IT Center for the expansion of vertical-type IT business (that is, the provision of companywide integrated information services for customers) aimed at processing industries. As one of its business topics, the Plant IT Center started up EPSource.com, the first ASP site in the engineering industry, and with the aim of supporting processing industries throughout their life cycle, TEC is distributing engineering applications while providing procurement services and such consultation services as plant diagnosis and analysis.
TEC is providing a solution business for our clients that covers the management of on-site information with corporate decision-making systems (Field to Enterprise). Within this area as well, plant facility management, operational support, and maintenance management systems are major products in the plant IT business.

The start of commercial operation of TEC's "e-Global PS" procurement service is one aspect of its IT-based customer services and the development of new business operations, both major areas of emphasis in TEC's medium-term management plans. TEC is committed to utilizing its plant engineering know-how in its engagement in horizontal IT business operations such as support in the introduction of business systems for education and export operations, etc.


Vertical IT business

This is a vertically integrated manufacturing equipment information system flow involving in-depth liaison with each customer and includes systems closely related to site work such as "automation, control and manufacturing data collection systems", "plant controls systems such as production control and maintenance control systems" and "core business systems at the headquarters".


Horizontal IT Business

This is a business mode in which TEC utilizes its know-how in specific business and technology areas such as control, maintenance, procurement and production planning to provide diverse services to numerous customers.


Education and training

Utilizing its experience in Internet and website creation, TEC provides support for web-based distance learning systems through information distribution on EPSource.com, TEC's ASP site, and creation of education and training systems for customers. TEC also undertakes the building of plant operation training simulators for customers.



Utilizing its experience in import/export operations, TEC undertakes system building support operations.

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