A New Symbol Logo for Toyo Engineering Group Is Established

Jul. 1, 2012

Toyo Engineering (TOYO) established a new common symbol logo for TOYO Group.

The previous Symbol Mark which gained familiarity over decades will live on as the motif of the new logo, meant to inspire an impression of leap forward to the future. The blue sphere represents the globe, the white line the development of the group. The further growth of the TOYO Group is defined by emphasizing the letters of the TOYO name.

Last year TOYO marked its 50th anniversary since its foundation, and under the new medium-term business plan starting from this April, the whole Group is making efforts as an entity toward new growth and to achieve the TOYO’s vision as a “Global Leading Engineering Partner”.

TOYO New Symbol Logo

Mission Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community
Vision Global Leading Engineering Partner
Values Integrity, Creativity, Diversity, Learning, Team
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