TOYO awarded a FCC (INDMAX)/Propylene Recovery Unit Project in India

Jun. 1, 2009

Toyo Engineering Corporation (Toyo-Japan) has been awarded as Off-shore consultant for Fluidised Catalystic Craker(FCC i.e. INDMAX technology of IOCL, R&D) and Propylene Recovery Unit Project for Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) at Paradip Refinery in the State of Orissa, India. Toyo Engineering India Limited (Toyo-India) which is a subsidiary in India, has been separately awarded as On-shore consultant for the same.

Paradip Refinery is designed for processing 15.0 MMTPA High Sulphur Heavy Crude Oils. It will be the first port-based refinery from IOCL. Accordingly half of the refining capacity of Paradip may be used for exports in the Asia-Pacific region. What is more important is that Paradip is likely to generate the best refining margin in the company. The refinery will be using only cheaper heavy crude imported primarily from the West Asia.

The major secondary processing units are (a) FCC which will be using hydrotreated Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO) produced from VGO Hydrotreatment Unit; and (b) Delayed Coking Unit (DCU), which will use Vacuum Residue as feed. The refinery will have flexibility to produce diesel of Euro-IV quality. The products from this Refinery will constitute of Propylene (petrochemical grade), LPG, Naphtha, Motor Spirit (MS), Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO), High Speed Diesel (HSD), Coke and Sulphur.

Toyo-Japan and Toyo-India’s entire scope of the project consists of Project Management, Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Expediting Services, Tendering and Award, Construction Management & Supervision and Assistance in Start-up, Commissioning and Performance Test Runs for 4.17 MMTPA FCC (INDMAX) and 1.9 MMTPA Propylene Recovery Units. The project is to be completed in 38 months. And the total investment of the Paradip Refinery is worth about 6 billion USD.

INDMAX technology is developed by Research & Development Center of Indian Oil Corporation along with Lummus Technology Inc. formerly known as ABB Lummus Global Inc. Since this technology is developed by IOCL and is in operation as pilot plant of 0.1 MMTPA, IOCL intends to magnify the same by 41 times to 4.17 MMTPA in order to bring it to the level of world class FCC technology. Once this project is commercially operational, it will have significant potential world over as well as in India. Already IOCL is planning to install the same at their existing refinery in Bongaigaon in India.

TOYO has more than 40 years’ job experience in India including the ongoing Naphtha Craker project of IOCL. TOYO believes that TOYO was selected for this project because of its enormous past experience in FCC project.

TOYO positions Indian energy-related projects market as a priority field due to its economic growth kept by domestic demand, though the world economy bears severe time of recession.

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