Plant Operation & Maintenance Assistance Services


Deterioration of facilities with age, changes in employment and economic circumstances, and environmental issues, have made it necessary for plant owners to achieve even more efficient plant operation to utilize full the potential of the existing plant.
Relying on the process technologies, engineering capacities, experience in facility improvement and know-how we have amassed and also using IT solutions, TOYO has supported plant owners to improve the efficiency of operation and overall facility maintenance works.

For safe, reliable and environmentally friendly plant operation, TOYO utilizes its engineering expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to clients, across a broad range of categories, from process performance studies to supply chain management solutions.

Business analyses and support for business restructuring

Using unique business analysis methods that have been built on industrial engineering and value engineering approaches, TOYO analyzes operation tasks, including normal, start-up, shut-down, and transition operation. Improvement plans are generated based on the results of the analyses, and many of our clients have confirmed outstanding improvements in their operation.

Diagnosis of facilities and capacity improvement

Based on plant performance diagnosis incorporating highly accurate simulation technologies, TOYO promotes a de-bottlenecking to improve facility performance, and further energy saving and automation. Our clients have confirmed significant improvements and growth in profit.

Formulation of optimum maintenance strategies

TOYO regards plant maintenance as constant facility improvement, and has offered effective support in achieving the PDCA cycle for facility maintenance and management. At the same time, we have helped clients introduce appropriate inspection methods to deal with the failure risks. With this approach, we have helped clients attain plant safety and enhanced reliability at the same time. TOYO has helped plant owners to organize and utilize their partner companies to achieve efficient and comprehensive management, by tapping its expertise in the construction of large-scale plants.

PDCA cycle for maintenance

PDCA cycle for maintenance

Optimizing supply chains

Through its unique consultation services in supply management, TOYO has supported the optimization and reconfiguration of supply chains linked with order reception management, production scheduling and shipment plans. Our experience in engineering works for the construction of industrial plants and advanced logistics facilities are utilized when preparing detailed execution plans for the optimization of supply chains.

Advanced usage of IT

As solutions to the issues identified through business analyses and consulting, TOYO has implemented many projects to introduce advanced IT, such as advanced control, the optimization of operations, plant information management systems (PIMS), maintenance information management systems (EAM/CMMS).
Also, we have extended our services to integrate ERP and other business administration systems with operational management systems and facility management systems in collaboration with Toyo Business Engineering Corporation. Through these effort, Toyo have responded wider clients’ needs.

Knowledge management

TOYO has systematically organized its expertise in knowledge management that was developed in response to the requests of experts at engineering divisions, and offered this expertise in the form of software and solutions. Many clients have already adopted the software and solutions, which have proven effective in enabling them to hand down experts’ technologies related to operation and resource conservation, as well as the training of young engineers in the early stages.

For the global environment conservation

TOYO supports environmentally friendly operations in many ways, not only through energy conservation but also carbon sequestration, the use of natural energy such as wind and solar power, and support for the trading of emission rights.

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