Toyo-China Successfully Held Y2021 Annual Meeting Feb. 3, 2021 Toyo Engineering China Ltd.

Toyo-China successfully held Y2021 Annual Meeting in Shanghai on Feb.3rd.

We set up the largest meeting room as the main venue and it was connected to other meeting rooms by using the advanced multimedia conference system to let all staff attend the meeting. In the meantime, the staff at project site offices could also watch the meeting online.

The Chairman Mr.Shoji Koshikawa and the President Ms.Benli Dong both made a motivational speech to acknowledge company’s achievements in the Y2020 and to raise new expectations for the new year as well.

To recognize the good job performance of employees, the meeting presented EOY (Employee of The Year) awards to 13 employees , 15-year Loyalty award to 7 employees and 10-year Loyalty award to 3 employees.