Yushu Earthquake DonationsMay 12, 2010 Toyo Engineering China Ltd.

On April 14th, residents of China's remote Yushu County, located on the Tibetan plateau, were awoken by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. In the sparsely-populated villages and the larger town of Gyegu, thousands of wood-earth buildings collapsed and many larger structures were heavily damaged or destroyed. For government response teams and outside aid groups, access to the region is hazardous, as it lies at an elevation of 3,700m (12,000 ft) and is connected by few roads, most of which were damaged in the quake.

Published in newspapers and on the web, news of the calamity touched the hearts of all Toyo-C staff. We quickly initiated a donation drive while awaiting further news. Without mobilization or publicity, the administration department sent out donation-related notifications to all staff, collecting approximately RMB 35,000 within the first week from staff at head office and all project sites. Those absent due to business trips or annual leave insisted on making donations as soon as they became aware of the drive by email. Some individuals contributed as much as RMB 1,000 to the Red Cross via our administration department.

To show our sincere sense of corporate responsibility, Toyo-C management doubled total staff donations, demonstrating our company's commitment to rebuilding Yushu after the quake.

On May 11th, three members of our administration department presented the total donation of RMB 110,000 to the Red Cross in the Shanghai New District. We were honored to receive a “Love and Concern for Humanitarian Aid” certificate, signed by Mr. Shen Xiaoming, president of the Shanghai Red Cross.

Everyone remembers that two years ago, when another mammoth earthquake rocked Sichuan Province, our staff and company also rushed donations to those in need. We'd like to sincerely thank our company and staff for their sense of CSR, while praying for peace on Earth.