Extensive experience executing projects in Canada and providing comprehensive, innovative, and flexible project services.

TOYO's goal is to be a center of excellence for heavy oil development, to be recognized as the best in market for clients, and to be the choice of partner and employees in the following sectors:

Conventional Oil & Gas Projects

TOYO provides engineering services for the design and execution of conventional oil and gas projects. Expertise provided in this area includes oil and gas wellsite facilities, central treating plants, compression, gas processing facilities, plant modifications, water injection, and dehydration facilities.

Unconventional Oil & Gas Projects

TOYO has heavy oil experience in large multi-pad steam-assisted thermal recovery field facilities and in small projects such as steam, production and gas vent pipelines, infill wells on existing pads, pad conversion from SAGD (steam-assisted gravity drainage) to CCS (cyclic steam stimulation), and process plant design and modifications.

Modular Projects

Modularization offers numerous advantages over conventional stick-built construction, including higher quality workmanship, significantly reduced costs, pre-commissioned equipment, and vastly reduced construction and start-up schedules. TOYO has leveraged the advantages of modularization in many recent remote projects and our modularization and cost-reduction expertise can turn an uneconomical project into an economical and successful project.