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TOYO has handled many projects related to the oil industry, from upstream oil wells to downstream oil refining. Since the 1980s, we have built an impressive track record in the oil development sector, mainly in the Middle East and Russia. We have also been working on an array of oil refining projects, including the construction of large-scale grassroots refineries, as well as Catalytic Reforming plants, FCC/RFCC, hydrocracking, hydrodesulfurization and thermal cracking plants. In the field of heavy oil cracking, in which TOYO has extensive experience, large-scale commercial plants have been successfully realized utilizing proprietary technology. In the power generation sector, we deal with a variety of power plant projects, such as energy-saving combined cycle and large-scale power plants.

Business Description

High Conversion Soaker Cracking (HSC)

To fill the gap between increasing the supply of heavier crude oils and increasing the demand for middle distillate and gasoline, TOYO provides proprietary technology: High Conversion Soaker Cracking (HSC) process. The HSC process has been in operation for more than twenty years in commercial plants in Germany.

Product Flow: Oil field

Product Flow: Oil field

TOYO offers

TOYO designs and builds plants to produce low sulfur gasoline and diesel oil called "Sulfur-free products."
Utilizing Thermal Cracking, FCC/RFCC, Hydrocracking, Gasification and other process technologies, TOYO designs and builds plants to produce more valuable products from heavy oils.
This technology produces the catalytic reformate of high octane gasoline. The produced catalytic reformate is also used as a feedstock for aromatics products.
This process is the widely used refinery process for converting heavy oils into more valuable gasoline and lighter oil products with catalyst.
This process is one of the most versatile refining process for converting heavy fuel oil components into naphtha, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel oil or high-quality lubricating oils, through catalytic reactions under high-temperature and high-pressure hydrogen atmosphere.
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