R&D Engineering


As part of the solutions that we create together with you, TOYO promotes “R&D Engineering”, a technical service to facilitate the quick commercialization of laboratory scale technologies that clients have developed.

Business Description

By introducing R&D Engineering, you can minimize investment costs through optimum design and enhance quality of your plant including the safety and environmental aspects in addition to the quick commercialization of your technology. To commercialize the new technologies you have developed, a wide range of diverse difficult issues needs to be resolved, such as scaling up, process optimization and preventing/mitigating undesired phenomena by a nega-technological* approach. R&D Engineering facilitates quick commercialization of your new processes in the engineering aspect, providing technologies, expertise and know-how cultivated through the development of TOYO’s proprietary processes and plant engineering to you. The outcomes of R&D Engineering are delivered as the Basic Design Package, Process Study Report and other reference documents.

* Nega-technology: background technology for overcoming phenomena associated with complexity and contamination such as clogging, scaling and foaming.

Plant commercialization steps and R&D Engineering

Typical services of R&D Engineering

R&D Engineering supports or carries out the various engineering works (technological development and various kinds of design works) required in each stage of R&D, feasibility studies and basic design of your new processes. Typical services of R&D Engineering at each stage are shown in the diagram below. The conceptual process design of the commercial scale plant conducted in the early stage of R&D Engineering is especially effective to commercialize the process quickly. In the course of the conceptual process design, engineering issues are identified precisely and the approaches to resolve the issues can be determined at an early stage. Also, definitive role sharing and mutually complementary cooperation between you and TOYO ensure implementing milestones for quick commercialization.

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