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Over the many years since our foundation. TOYO has accumulated experience and expertise with petrochemical plants and with fertilizer and other chemical plants. We have developed our own technologies for building plants that produce environmentally-friendly, energy-conserving and high-quality products with impressive efficiency. Our experience is extensive, and encompasses ethylene, propylene, polymers and aromatics in the areas of petrochemical plants, urea, ammonia, methanol, and high-performance plastic materials. We have consistently offered state-of-the-art technologies in these areas, by improving proprietary technologies and collaborating with licensors of related technologies.

TOYO offers

Since the fist contract award in 1966, TOYO has been involved in ethylene projects worldwide under a technical alliance with Lummus.
Together with Lummus, in the Asian region, TOYO offers Olefins Conversion Technology (OCT) licensed by Lummus to produce propylene from ethylene and 2-butene.
TOYO has outstanding experience of the UNIPOL Polyethylene Process offered by Univation Technologies, as well as UNIPOL Polypropylene Process offered by The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") as an authorized contractor.
TOYO has engineered and constructed EO/EG plants globally. The EO/EG is raw material for polyester currently in tight demand.
TOYO grants the Toyo-Mitsui Process, styrenics production technology jointly developed with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
The aromatics complex converts naphtha and pyrolysis gasoline into the basic petrochemical intermediates such as benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX).
TOYO has designed and built syngas plants using steam reforming technology and ISOP Catalyst developed by TOYO.
TOYO provides solutions to the rapidly growing demand in methanol by TOYO's MRF-Z® reactor.
TOYO has extensive experience around the world since a general license agreement with KBR in 1968.
TOYO has the own technologies for urea production such as the most energy saving urea synthesis technology "ACES21", urea granulation technologies and others to meet the wide ranging needs of clients.
The technologies for removing acid gas such as H2S and CO2.
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