Oil & Gas Development


TOYO, an alliance partner to Exploration & Production (E&P) companies, offers engineering services from development and facility planning, construction, operation management, as well as development planning and project execution using secondary and tertiary recovery techniques, which all closely related to entire exploration and production lifetime for oil and gas fields.

TOYO has offered these services and project execution including engineering, procurement and construction works for the owners of major oil and gas fields, not only in Japan, but also in the Middle East, Russia, CIS nations and Southeast Asia.

Business Description

Thinking together and solving issues as an alliance partner of E&P companies

TOYO has the knowledge concerning conceptual design and facility planning, elemental and design technologies and project implementation methods that have been accumulated through design and construction projects involving chemical plants and oil refineries. In addition, we have also studied oil development technologies with E&P companies for over 20 years and accumulated them in-house.

Since TOYO was established, we have been engaged in establishing development planning from the early stage of acquisition of mining concession rights to preparation of development plans, initial production at oil and gas fields and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) planning and project execution. We have also been engaged in conceptual design geared for production, facility planning and a range of other studies and planning activities, as well as planning and project execution using secondary and tertiary recovery. These activities cover about 200 projects in areas where major oil and gas fields located.

Based on databases that have accumulated extensive experience, TOYO has engaged in development planning and project execution in its attitude to think together with E&P companies and find solutions for numerous issues found in the various types of oil and gas fields. Our business covers both onshore & offshore oil and gas fields. We have gained recognition as an alliance partner for maximizing value through joint project implementation with E&P companies.

Business domains covered by TOYO

TOYO offers

Accommodating the structure and properties of the underground hydrocarbon accumulation to surface facilities, TOYO engages in planning, facility design, construction, operation and maintenance for hydrocarbon exploration and production.
Since the gas reservoir pressure is high and minimization of environmental impact is required, gas well development needs greater attention then oil field development. TOYO executes the optimal EPC relying on its expertise.
EOR enhances oil production by injection of the fluid that reduces the viscosity of oil reservoir. Analysis of the reservoir dynamic behavior and operation data are essential for the development planning with EOR.
FPSO is facilities to develop the oil resource under the ocean. FPSO has crude oil production facilities on the deck and can move to the any offshore field requiring it to engage in operations.
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