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In order to enhance the competence, many enterprises are strongly conscious of global business administration and of increasing production bases outside of their home countries. TOYO's globalization support service offers comprehensive support to construction of foreign production bases to all the manufacturing companies around the world.

So far, TOYO has constructed lots of production basis all around the world to companies based in Japan and in the West. The construction site covered Europe, North America, Asia, etc. The types of plants are various, ranging from chemical to fine chemical, automotive, machinery, metal, electronics and other plants. We are also now expanding the industries and target areas to meet the needs of diversified clients.

Based on the experience as the Global Engineering Contractor, we TOYO provides a wide range of services such as feasibility studies, site selection, surveys, engineering, procurement and construction. TOYO has abundant records of supporting companies’ overseas expansion.


TOYO has full of experience and is always ready to provide the service. We believe we can be the reliable partner to you.
From feasibility studies (F/S) to site selection stage, we can support with supplying the information on taxation, regulation and other investment rules collected from our overseas local base. In addition, we prioritize clients’ strategy, quality, cost and schedule at all the stages from engineering to construction. With our close communication in TOYO’s global network, TOYO will execute the project with seamless changes of the execution organization stage by stage.
Here, let us introduce our globalization support service by three main regions: ASEAN, North America, and China.

Globalization support service in ASEAN

Through our construction experience in ASEAN since late 1960s, TOYO has cultivated capability of local company management, IPP. TOYO’s EPC bases located in the ASEAN countries provide the information for local laws, regulation, and market environment speedily. We support the clients’ project strongly both in cost and quality aspect. To meet the needs of our clients, we can execute production facilities construction surely and smoothly.

Globalization support service in North America

TOYO has entered North America market in last 1960s. First, we started the business from the engineering of fertilizer and then expanded to the EPC business soon after. In last 1980s, we started to support the Japanese clients for their production facilities construction. Due to specific business rules and culture which are different from Asian regions, it could be harder to execute plant construction, however, TOYO can execute the project with close cooperation with our North America (U.S.A, Canada and Mexico) EPC bases.

Globalization support service in China

Since 1972, when Japan and China has restored the diplomatic relations, TOYO has executed plenty records of EPC project and has been regarded as the most capable and experienced foreign EPC companies in China.
TOYO-China holds the design and construction license which is mandatory for the EPC business in China. We not only provide our client with an attractive cost by local procurement, but also offer solutions to meet the clients’ needs, from PMC (Project Management Contract) to EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) full turnkey.
In addition, TOYO has concluded cooperative agreements with about 20 major economic development zones. We can also help the client implement project execution smoothly in the preliminary stage by offering support for various tasks from selecting land for plant/factory construction to actual implementation of the project.

Overseas support service in other regions

Besides the above regions, TOYO also holds many construction records in India, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, etc.
Through years of experience and network of TOYO’s affiliates and overseas offices spreading over 17 countries, we can set the optimal formation in terms of Construction Country, vendor, construction companies, etc. We satisfy the clients’ quality requirement with a global EPC execution organization.

Case of TOYO’s overseas support service

TOYO’s supports clients’ plant construction outside of their homeland countries. In addition to EPC services, we can provide the service to solve the problem such as the follows.

  • Selection of construction country and planned construction site.
  • Support of authority application and negotiation base on the foreign laws and standards.
  • Overseas procurement of equipment/local engineering and procurement/cost minimization by local contract appointment.
  • Project management with global standard.
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