TOYO recognizes the need to conserve global resources and the environment, as well as reduce climate change, as issues common to all humanity. It has set the basic philosophy for the environment as contributing to sustainable development that enables human development and environmental conservation to be achieved at the same time, and contributing to environmental conservation by offering engineering capabilities as a member of internationally active corporations, in a way that harmonizes with the global environment.

Business Description

Based on our accumulated knowledge and know-how, TOYO applies its R&D engineering capabilities to environmental conservation issues. TOYO has undertaken various projects related to environmental engineering, such as energy conservation and CO2 reduction, clean energy and alternative energy, the creation of a recycling society and the 3Rs (reduce, re-use and recycle) as well as measures to deal with harmful substances.
Our subsidiary, TEC Project Services Corporation, specializes in domestic environmental engineering, related to the recycling and 3Rs, and measures for dealing with harmful substances.

TOYO's Environment Engineering

TOYO's Environment Engineering

TOYO offers

Low energy consumption process.
SUPERHIDIC offers attractive economics without utilizing special equipment but applying well proven technology related to distillation and heat transfer.
TOYO has commercialized and delivered a tubular electric boiler to supply auxiliary-steam for nuclear power plants. In addition, the product has been used where any environmental aspects are not permissible and even for regulating the electrical load of the facility.
Biomass projects have been promoted in many countries, as a means of reducing climate change. TOYO has worked on biomass fuels in collaboration with its group companies.
Aiming at solving global environmental issues through engineering business, TOYO has worked on projects that utilize the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI), which have been established to reduce climate change.
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage plays a prime role in the early stage of reduction of GHG.
The re-use of waste water not only saves fresh water consumption but also reduces waste water discharge. It significantly contributes to environmental protection. TOYO has been engaged actively in the re-use of waste water.
Among technologies for the disposal of electric equipment containing PCB such as transformers, capacitors, etc., TOYO has focused on the treatment of contaminated casing and internals (so-called “Container treatment”) . Since 1990s, TOYO has been active in detoxification and recycling through the precision cleaning by organic solvents.
This technology treats waste caustic (Na2S) from ethylene plant, etc.
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