TOYO relies on the problem solving capacities it has developed through many years of experience working in construction projects to conduct technical evaluation and testing for plants with regard to fluid, structure, seismic structure, noise, safety, reliability, life cycle costs (LCC) and others.

Materials Technology
TOYO applies the advanced structural analysis technology to the design verification and fit-for-purpose assessment of pressure vessels, equipment, pipes and the other plant facilities.
Fluid Engineering and Analysis
TOYO comprehends the behavior of fluid that flow inside equipment, plant pipes by adequate analysis. TOYO evaluates the soundness of the design by the results of the analysis and carries out countermeasures when required.
Structural and Thermal Analysis
TOYO verifies the suitability of the design of pressure vessels, equipment, pipes and other plant facilities and conducts analysis to determine the conditions of these facilities.
Earthquake Analysis
A plant is a large-scale system and TOYO evaluates the overall safety and conducts analyses to determine the seismic capacity required for each item of equipment, each pipe, each structure and each foundation.
Safety Analysis
TOYO evaluates and analyzes potential hazards related to plant operation in advance to identify problems and formulate countermeasures.
Noise Control Analysis
TOYO analyzes equipment that generates noise, both inside and outside a plant, and introduces noise prevention measures.
LCC Analysis
TOYO has the capability to make allover plant planning that is optimized Life Cycle (Design, Construction, Operation & Maintenance, and Disposal) Cost(LCC), not only to optimize Construction costs.
Reliability Analysis
TOYO applies quantitative reliability analysis methodology in order to improve system integrity of facilities from the view point of safety and stable operation of the facilities.
Vibration Analysis
Excessive vibrations of rotating machineries and piping systems cause mechanical damages and/or obstruct stable plants operation. TOYO utilizes vibration analysis technologies in order to prevent and diagnose such vibration problems.